White Powder Coated Range Hood
Copper Beauty
Flat Black Powder Coated Range Hood with
Aluminum "X" Hood and Stainless Window S
Brass Range Hood With Dark Age Black Iro
Aged Aluminum and Stainless Custom Range
Stainless Basket Weave Strapping on Aged
Flat Black Hood with Roll Form Trim
Stainless Bell with Light Aged Brass
Brass on White Wood
Bruished Stainless Aged Brass
Black Powder Coat with Mirror Trim
Curvy Stainless Steel
Powder Coat and Mirror
Aged Copper
Aluminum Hood with Stainless Trim
Iron and Reclaimed Lumber
Stainless Hood with Aged Brass Trim
Aluminum and Brass Custom Range Hood
Aged Iron
Aged Copper Double Convex Hood
Aged Brass on Stainless
Stainless Awning
Non Directional Stainless and Mirror
Aged Steel and Stainless


Copper Bar Top With Drink Rail
Hammered and Aged Copper Top
Brushed Brass Countertop
Integrated Copper Sink
Modern Stainless Top
Copper Pass-Through Countertop
Small Stainless Shelves
Copper Back Bar
Stainless Shelf over Sink
Stainless Top with Integrated Sink
Stainless Shelving
Shiny Top


Custom Metal Aquarium Cabinets
Custom Outdoor Living Cabinets
Stainless Pantry
Refrigerator Panels with Aged Brass
Stainless Cabinets With Brass
Wall of Stainless Cabinets
Powder Coated Custom Vanity


Custom Steel Fireplace Panels
Custom Steel Fireplace Panels
Custom Brass Accents
Stainless Monorail Staircase
Custom Black Steel and Glass Doors
Cor Ten Planters
Cor Ten Fireplace 2
Steel Corner
Cincinnati Restaurant Drink Stand
Hanging Metal Panels Over Lights
Isaac M. Wise Temple Fence Resto


Aged Steel shelves with Copper Strapping
Mirror Stainless Shelving
Cabinet Panels And Shelves
Custom Stainless Table Legs
Custom Stainless Fireplace Doors
Awning on the Inside
Rhodus 2
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Cor Ten Fireplace 2

We are in love with this custom metal fireplace surround. Made with hot rolled weathering steel, we "sped up" mother nature's rusting time by adding kitchen cupboard solutions. The mill scale revealed adds a "natural" effect that we carried over to the exterior wall panels and metal planters.